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We provide more than elopement Officiant services. We are happy to perform at any sized wedding and venue. Get Hitched Indiana has wedded couples in all types of locations, from large venues, glamorous wedding barns, botanical conservatories, college campuses, parks, backyards and even a few unconventional locations like graveyards, parking lots, and museums.

You can also meet us at our residence and get married under our wedding arch. Bring your marriage license, your partner and we will perform a simple, make it legal, ceremony. Great for couples looking to start their new lives quickly and easily. While we are not fluent in Spanish, we will do our best to translate with advance notice.  We offer Wedding Officiant services are our home/location in Rochester 7 days a week.

Request to book an advance wedding ceremony and we will reach out to you within a few hours. You can book with no money down.

Elopement or Wedding Ceremony?
  • Your Indiana destination and a Simple Ceremony with Rev. Mary

    150 US dollars
  • Your Indiana destination and a Simple Ceremony with Rev. Mary. Include...

    250 US dollars
  • No frills, Say, "I do." Start your lives together.

    100 US dollars
  • Simple Marriage License Signing Service.

    50 US dollars
Booking: Bookings

Unsure what you are looking for or the above doesn't quite fit? Fill out the form below and someone will reach out within a few hours.  Don't be surprised if you get an even quicker response. 


We will contact you within a few hours.

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