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Make It Legal

Are you looking to get married without the pomp and fuss?  Stop by my location in Rochester for simple marriage signing services. The fee is $60. Simple, quick and easy. 

Signing a Contract

Who uses our our Make It Legal Marriage Signing Services?

Any couple who wants to legally be married with a valid marriage license. We only ask that you are getting married for love. We preform many spur the moment license signings throughout the year. 

What to know before booking:

  • You must have a valid marriage license

  • Your license must be current and not expired

  • Out of state residents can get married in Indiana - BUT - the license must be issues in the county in which you intend to wed. This means if you are traveling to our location in Rochester, IN, from out of state, you must apply for your license at the Fulton County Clerks Office.  Call us to discuss further if you have questions.

  • Indiana residents with a valid Indiana marriage license can marry anywhere in Indiana, including our location in Rochester.

  • Please call, text, email or request to book online. We will respond normally within a few hours.

  • We can normally accommodate same day requests.

  • We are happy to take pictures for you with your phone and we have a lovely wedding arch and props available to make your day more memorable.

  • We have plain unisex surgical steel wedding bands available at no added costs while supplies last. We want your experience to be wonderful and memorable. We are happy to provide this as a gift to you as part of our services.

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