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Get Hitched Indiana

Creating Memories - Simply

Get Hitched Indiana specializes in simple weddings. I am happy to provide wedding minister services at my location or yours (with some proper communication). A simple light-hearted wedding without any hoops.

I love to have fun and hope you both do too. If you are looking for an old school and stuffy ceremony I may not be your cup of tea.  I love surprises, so if you are looking to just show up and Get Hitched on spur the moment, that is my idea of a good time!


I am not a full-time Officiant. I do this for fun and LOVE!  I have a daytime job. Reach out to see what my day looks like and I am happy to meet you for a quickie lunch break wedding at my place or a wedding where I travel to you my after my work day is done. I offer a discount rate when I do not need to travel. I will be sure to advise you of the ceremony fee in our first connection so you can be well informed.


Get Hitched Indiana is able and willing to perform events in Michigan and Illinois, however we normally decline events in Chicago due to the traffic.

I like to start with a call or email with our couples to see what they are looking for and how I can help. I complete a fact finding sheet to discover the vision for the event. I will also provide a sample ceremony sent to your preferred email. I want to make your wedding/elopement/vow renewal as special and unique as your love for each other. I can even help you with vows or provide you with sample vows.

I will invoice for our services and ask that payment be made with in seven days in order to hold your event date and time.  For elopements that are spur the moment or have a quickly upcoming date, cash is accepted. 

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"When one loves, one does not calculate"

St. Therese of Lisieux

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Contact Us

Not finding what you are looking for? We are happy to have a phone call or Zoom meeting. This conversation will allow us to create a personalized quote for your marriage experience.

(574) 540-7393 - text or call

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Access for All Because We All Love

We are Here for You

No matter your lifestyle, your love is true and I want to be there to help finalize your marriage. I proudly serve the LGBTQ community and welcome the opportunity to act as the minister of your wedding. 

I can offer an array of option ranging from Christian, nondenominational, Wiccan and more. I want your to feel you are free to be exactly who you are on your wedding day and do not need to conform to meet social expectations. 

Love is Love. Period.

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About Me

Mary ~ Your Minister

I have been where you are at, looking for someone to minister the wedding, and finding our options limited due to the fact that we were not affiliated with any church. We just wanted to get married, simple.

Mine is a modern (or crazy, you decide) love story, I met my husband Darrell on a dating website, and after some hesitation and friend zoning we met in person after chatting online for six months. We immediately felt a connection and quickly started spending all of our time together. Shortly thereafter we were living together with plans to get married just three months after meeting in person.That was in 2012. 

Bride and Groom

Service Locations and Pricing

I travel all over Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. Our fee is location based. Local weddings are $200. Fees are based on travel time and mileage. If you want to elope in front of our wedding arch in Rochester Indiana just give me a heads up and I can accommodate most same day requests. The elope at Get Hitched Indiana fee is $100.  Our straightforward pricing can be found on our Fees page or just click the button below.  

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